Changing our trade dress: to renew or to die

Ghandi said: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Anyway, the change is inevitable. It is a quality of the life, a preamble of the growth and the cycle of the whole world.

The reason for a change can be a lot and diverse. In our case, it is the answering of a desire of overcoming and progress.

We want to be part of your every day, we want to help you in your purposes and we look forward to being witnesses of your recovery.

It is well known, that we are the oldest neuro rehabilitation center in both León and the Principality of Asturias provinces. Moreover, the fact that we formed plenty of professionals whom are nowadays working all over Spain.

Nevertheless, there was a time, we were always working and studying, and we went out of fashion as a technology refers.

We had to do self-criticism, and thanks to it, we have realized, that current society (more and more demanding) needs more services, than it was demanding twenty years ago.

This way, we have extended our services, have looked for the most vanguards concepts in the USA, we have included the new technologies and we finally, have placed as the professional leaders that we are.

This change, gives us the opportunity to notice, that the name and corporate image are not only something commercial, but also are the ideals and values of a company. The ones that make the difference from others.

So, in order to reflect our change and transformation, Redacer center, which has always differed from others in the quality of our treatments and the high training of our professionals, starts to name ‘NeuroRedacer’.

The prefix ‘Neuro’ restyle the name with the object of emphasize its application field.

Written and translated by Patricia Rey.

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