Carmen Rodríguez Sánchez

Occupational Therapist at the Hospital of León, she decided to open a rehabilitation centre in this city in 1998. She was trained in Bobath Concept in 1996, by the first Bobath Instructor who came to Spain. That Instructor created a group of professionals all over Spain. Carmen has been a member of that group for over 10 years, as a result, she has learned a lot with the help of prestigious Bobath Instructors. As her experience in neurological rehabilitation increases, so does her curiosity and interest.

The creation of a specialized professional team starts to be a priority in a city like León, where it was difficult to find something so new. For that reason, she had to educate these professionals one by one, searching for the best technical and human quality. In that moment she had a team formed by Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Neuropsychologists, Speech Therapists and Psychologists who work in a transdisciplinary way.

She opens a second centre in Oviedo, with the idea of being a teaching centre of new concepts and advanced technics in the neurological rehabilitation area (as well as a treatment centre). In this way, she has organized a huge number of courses in Bobath Concept, Castillo Morales Concept, Functional Psychologist, etc.; educating a lot of professionals who come from every province of Spain.

Nowadays the science improves very quickly and it requires of an incessant updating. That is the reason why she signs research and teaching agreements with the universities of León, Salamanca, Burgos and Torrelavega.