Redacer centre
was founded in León in 1998. The idea was born from its Headmistress: Carmen Rodríguez Sánchez, Occupational Therapist, who discovered the neurological rehabilitation from a patient who had suffered a Brain Injury, and both were searching for an effective treatment to functional recovery.

Carmen was educated in Bobath Concept in 1996, she has a wide experience and she continues learning, being conscious that each patient is an unique human being into a social-family context and not just a simple sick person.

She created a team of specialized professionals (of best technical and human quality), something very new and pioneer in a city like León.

In the year 2004, se opened a second Redacer Centre, being the ‘first centre’ which is specialized in neurological rehabilitation in this city too.

Always searching for the excellence in neurological rehabilitation, it started to provide teaching courses, educating a huge number of professionals who currently work from all over Spain.

In 2017, with the goal of staying in constant synchrony with the latest technics and concepts of neurological rehabilitation, Redacer decided to restyle its name with the object of emphasize its application field. It was renamed NeuroRedacer, creating new services in order to satisfy the society demands and collaborating with different entities.

Currently, the centres of ‘Redacer Group’ count in its transdisciplinary team with Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Neuropsychologists, and Speech Therapists.

It builts specific and personalized programs for each patient, working every professional with the same goal: the functional recovery of the patient.