The latest researches in Neuroscience show us the way our brain has the ability to learn new things. The number of neurons is not as important as the way to connect between them. It is known as Neuroplasticity.

This ability can be used also after a brain injury, in order to relearn and recover lost abilities. It is important to know that the first six months after a Brain Injury are crucial, because, in that period, we learn better thanks to a neurotransmitter. After that, we can learn more slowly.



The Concept starts in the 50’s and develops with the researches in neuroscience. It is in constant updating. The fundament of this concept is the Neuroplasticity: the skill of the brain to change and learn new information. We use this ability to create new connection ways after a brain injury.

Bobath Concept is a therapeutic concept, which looks at the patient with brain injury in a holistic way. In order to recover functions like postural control, walking, arm or hand moving, etc., with the aim of being independent as much as possible in their Activities of Daily Living.

It is based on the researches in Neurophysiology and neuroscience, in the Motor Control, Motor Learning, Neural and Muscular Plasticity and Biomechanics. Moreover, in the clinic experience of experts and in the patient’s needs.

All the professionals of NeuroRedacer have the degree of the International Bobath Instructors Training Association (IBITA), and they have been educated by renowned professionals from Spain and other countries.

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The latest technology we offer in NeuroRedacer to the treatment of dysphagia and oro-facial problems is the original VitalStim®

What is VitalStim®? VitalStim® Therapy is a non-invasive and non-painful system very useful to dysphagia problems that consists on an external electric stimulation.

It uses small electrical currents to stimulate the muscles that are responsible of swallowing and mouth and tongue movements.

This equipment beside a professional speech therapist could help you to:

  • A use more safety and effective
  • Improvement of a restricted diet
  • Long lasting improvement with visible results in time.

VitalStim® System should be provided by a speech therapist trained in VitalStim® Therapy.

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sensorial niños

There are children who prove to be irritable and, even, aggressive in some situations. And maybe its parents or teachers cannot understand why. Others seem constantly apathetic, hyperactive, very absent-minded, awkward, vague or very picky eater.

These are many of the labels that they usually put the children who might have a Sensory Integration disorder. These problems owe to a neurological disorder. It can be showed as behavioral problems, motor or coordination problems and eating disorders. These children can be benefit of Occupational Therapy based on the Sensorial Integration approach.

However, what is Sensory Integration? The theory of Jean Ayres is one of the theories in which the Occupational Therapy is based on. This theory allows to study the sensorial process, it means, how our brain recognize the sensory processing issues like the sense of touch, hearing, sense of smell, taste, sight, proprioceptive and vestibular system; and how it manages to connect them between themselves.

Most of people have any characteristic that indicates some kind of disorder in the sensory prosecution. It does not mean you have a problem. It transforms in a problem just when it interferes with the Activities of Daily Living of the child.

The therapeutic intervention based on the Sensory Integration Approach needs to be provided by a specially trained Occupational Therapist (OT) qualified with the official courses. The OT determines through a thorough evaluation whether your child would benefit from Occupational Therapy based on the Sensory Integration Approach.

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We were the first centre in León which use this method in the treatment of Brain Injury in Children.
TheraSuit, thanks to its construction and improvements, creates a breathable soft dynamic orthotic. Its major goal is to improve and change proprioception (pressure from the joints, ligaments, muscles), reduce patient’s pathological reflexes, restore physiological muscle synergies (proper patterns of movement) and load the entire body with weight (process similar to a reaction of our muscles to the gravitational forces acting up us for 24 hours).

All of the above normalizes afferent vestibule-proprioceptive input (information arriving to the vestibular system). The vestibular system is a very important centre. It processes, integrates and sends back all the information that arrives from muscles, joints, tendons etc. It influences muscle tone, balance and the position of the body in space.

This method mix:

  • The TheraSuit®, a suit which have hood, kneepad, elbow patch, trunk piece, pelvis piece and even shoes, everything connected by a unique elastic bands system.
  • Universal Exercises Unit, an intensive programme of exercises. It uses an assistant technical equipment which allows to do specific exercises, strengthening muscles in an analytic way and coordinating a certain movement, always with the goal to reach a functional objective which permit to speed up the recovery.

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Dr. Castillo Morales started to work with people who have neurological injuries in 1959, in Argentina.

He takes concepts from Bobath and Vojta. It comes from the individuality and, for that reason, he is in favour of using different methods, according to the features of each one. According to him, it is necessary to approach to the disability since a practical point of view.

His methodology consists on stimulating, with contact, vibration, pressure and hand sliding, key points with messages in order to activate the receptors of the skin, and the muscular and joint tissue.

Available in ours clinics of León and Asturias



It is a rehabilitation method that was born in Italy in the beginning of the 70’s, product of the work of a Neurologist, Carlo Perfetti and his co-workers. In Spain, it is well known with the name of its founder, but its real name is Cognitive Therapeutic Exercise (CTE).

The CTE is based on the motor recovery of the patient through the use of the sensibility and movement, using the process of our cognition: sight, perception, attention, memory, speech and imagination.

Available in ours clinics of León and Asturias


TheraTogs® are one of the most innovative, versatile and progressive modalities available for physical and occupational therapy practices. TheraTogs are a live-in exo-muscular system for neuromotor, postural, and sensory training. The system provides a versatile, flexible approach to addressing and managing mobility, sensory input, and stability issues.

TheraTogs® are made from a patented, proprietary material with an inner foam layer that grips the skin and the underlying soft tissues, and a Velcro®-sensitive outer layer to which clinicians can affix elastic strapping, the “external muscle” of the system. The material is comfortable and breathable, and the typical TheraTogs® configuration is wear under normal clothing.

The results are stunning – TheraTogs® replicates successful manual sensorimotor training techniques, allowing the wearer to engage in routine activities with improved joint alignment, all day long.

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An inadequate movement can produce a pathology, not just being a result of it. “The regular movements and the constant postures performs an important role in the dysfunctions development”. (Sahrmann, 1993).

The dysfunction of the movement, which contributes with the pathology, is a postural pain, insidious beginning pain, static position maintenance pain, overuse pathology (repetitive weight and impact) and recurrent pain patterns.

It works motor control and dynamic stability with muscular balance, in order to control the dissociated movements and the retraining force.

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Neuromuscular bandage or kinesiotaping consist in cotton tapes with an acrylic adherent used to treat athletes injuries and other physic disorders. It was invented by Komp who registered his patent on 11th August of 1970. This patent is called “Adhesive Tape Products”.

There are many theoretical benefits for the tape. One of them is to correct the alignment of the weakness muscles, and to facilitate joint movement as a result of the traction power feature.

Moreover, it lifts the skin, increasing the area under it, and increasing the blood pressure and the flow of lymphatic fluids. This increase the interstitial area relieving the pressure of the corporal nociceptors that detect the pain, and stimulate the mechanoreceptors to improve the general proprioception of the joints.

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The vestibular rehabilitation is based on favouring and stimulating the development of the mechanism that correct the alterations of the spatial orientation and the balance, produced by permanent peripheral vestibular injuries, improving the quality of life of patients.

The Spatial Orientation and the balance of our body is based on visual reference of the environment. Vestibular system informs us about the position and movements of the head in the space. Visual system and somatosensory system inform us about the position and movement of environment and the objects between us.

Available in ours clinics of León and Asturias



It is based on proportionating cinestesic-tactils stimulus to the patient, essential to the interaction with the environment, through the connexion between the movement must be realised and the objects.

Stablishing a relation cause-effect that is the key to realize the Activities of Daily Living. It is well known the improvement in that area in people who have suffered Acquired Brain Injury, after receive Occupational Therapy through the Affolter Method. When there is a lack of sensitive information, it produces a mistake in the execution of the Activities of Daily Living.

Available in ours clinics of León and Asturias



It is a Physioterapy technique that consists in the sliding nerves from any part of the body, releasing of any captures can suffer.

When the nerves squeeze, it produces a lack of irrigation in the capillaries causing pain and paresthesia.

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Dry needling is a technique physical therapists use for the treatment of pain and movement impairments. The technique uses a “dry” needle, one without medication or injection, inserted through the skin into areas of the muscle.

Other terms commonly used to describe dry needling, include trigger point dry needling, and intramuscular manual therapy.

Dry needling is not acupuncture, a practice based on traditional Chinese medicine and performed by acupuncturists. Dry needling is a part of modern Western medicine principles, and supported by research.

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It is a speciality of Pilates to neurological patients. We do stretching and strengthening exercises to improve the posture. It is good for the flexibility, the balance and the coordination.

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